Etzioni Analysis

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Write a paragraph analyzing and evaluating how Etzioni presents the issue to a diverse group of readers (p. 250)
Etzioni presents the issue to a diverse group of readers by stating which individuals would be suitable for individuals in a certain class or income group. In the article the author states, “ some say that while jobs are rather unsuited for college bound, white, middle class youngsters, they are ideal for lower class, non academic, minority youngsters.” By doing this, he is speaking to two diverse groups of readers and audiences. Write a paragraph or two analyzing and evaluating Etzioni’s strategy of reinterpreting data elsewhere in his essay (p. 252)
In paragraphs 8 and 9, Etzioni interprets fast food working differently than he does the rest of the article. He states that, “employees develop many skills such as how to operate a food
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Rose responds to objections to marine sanctuaries by emphasizing the support for keeping orcas out of captivity. In paragraph 7, she states that initially only the animal welfare and animal rights community fought for this idea as the marine theme parks kept ignoring them. Such objections to orca captivity are now seen by SeaWorld supporters themselves. The factors caused from captivity that result in the death of these creatures, has persuaded people to find a new approach to this issue.
Analyze and evaluate Rose cues readers and creates unity
Through the first and last paragraph, Rose mentions a few similar ideas. The Blackfish film is reiterated to emphasize its impact on society. People are outraged and want a change to save these intelligent, loving creatures. The issue of captivity first mentioned in paragraph 1 is now listed again in paragraph 9 with a solution at hand. Marine theme parks are now able to shift the way they approach things, therefore, allowing orcas the opportunity to live longer and healthier
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