Eucalyptol Synthesis Lab Report

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Eucalyptol is quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. It is lipid soluble and absorption is enhanced in the presence of milk. Inhalation of the liquid is directly toxic to the lungs; however there is no data suggesting systemic absorption via lungs 8.
Eucalyptol undergoes oxidation in vivo with the formation of hydroxycineole which is
Excreted as glucuronide 9. The metabolism of eucalyptol was studied previously in rats and rabbits. Two alcohols, namely 2-hydroxy-eucalyptol and 3- hydroxy-eucalyptol, were excreted in the urine10, 11. It was also reported that eucalyptol is metabolized to several dihydroxycineoles, cineolic acids and hydroxycineolic acids after feeding brushtail possums and

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