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Euclid Mathematician Essay
Euclid was a famous Greek mathematician that was born around the year 330. BC in Alexandria, Egypt. He is now referred to as ‘Euclid of Alexandria’. Very little is known about Euclid’s personal early life due to how long ago he lived. It is assumed he came from a very wealthy background as he went to Plato’s school in Athens which would have only been affordable for very wealthy people. It is thought that while studying here Euclid developed a love and interest in Mathematics.
Euclid is recognised as one of the greatest mathematicians in history and is often referred to as ‘The Father of Geometry’. Geometry is a strand of mathematics with a question of shape and sizes. It was not until the 19th century that any other
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Euclid’s collection of books was so successful it is considered the most successful and influential collection of mathematical collection of books ever written and has over 1000 different editions of ‘Elements’ were sold. His books are also one of the earliest mathematical books to be written since the invention of the printing press. Euclid’s books consists of definitions, postulates, theorems and constructions. Based on Euclid’s books this helped other mathematicians discover many more conclusions to mathematical theorems that are stilled used today 2000 years later. His books also contain geometric algebra which help solve algebraic sums such as finding the square root of a number.
Euclid’s type of geometry is called Euclidean geometry and is composed of elements. Euclid introduced the principals of geometry and its foundations. His work of elements has long been regarded as one of the most influential works in mathematics. His work of elements was such a major discovery in mathematics that he is rarely called anything other than ‘The Author of Elements’ by his peers and other
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Euclid’s book of elements spread through Europe and was highly regarded by other mathematicians. It spread a lot more quickly and rapidly due to the invention of the printing press during the Renaissance period. It could now be printed in other languages and other countries around the world became able to study Euclid’s work and conclude more mathematical theorems off the basis of his work. A lot of other famous mathematicians would have started their career studying Euclid’s books as he was one the earliest people ever to make such a huge contribution to mathematics
Euclid died around the year 285 BC. He contributed hugely to the understanding of mathematics and geometry, especially in shapes. He is regarded very highly and is known as many things when it comes to geometry
I really enjoyed doing this project on Euclid and learned a lot about geometry and where it all started from. Although I don’t fully understand most of Euclid’s work or his theories I enjoyed learning that he is the one that started it all and without his book ‘elements’ and later editions there would not be a lot of mathematical proofs and statements, especially in geometry. I did not know much about the history of geometry or even who Euclid was so I felt I learned a lot on the history of mathematics as a whole and where a huge part
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