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William Carlos Williams was an outstanding writer. He was born in Rutherford, New Jersey on September 17, 1883 ( William started writing poetry in high school at Horace Mann High School. He became a writer and a doctor which he received his his MD from the University of Pennsylvania ( William met Ezra Pound which became a great influence throughout his life. William published in small magazines and began his career as a writer. William was one of the original poets of the Imagist movement. At this point in his life William started to disagree with the works of Pound and Eliot. William thought that they stayed too close to European ways ( Williams was seeking to make a new technique or…show more content…
Welty was born in 1909 in Jackson Mississippi ( She was the daughter of Christian Webb Welty and Chestina Andrews Welty. Eudora’s father loved most all instruments. Eudora graduated high school from Jackson’s central High School in 1925 ( She started college at Mississippi State College for Women in Columbus and finished at University of Wisconsin, which is where she received her bachelor’s degree. She went on to work at WJDX radio station, where she wrote society columns for the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Her first publication was a short story, “Death of a Traveling Salesman.” The editor of Manuscript literary in 1936 called it one of the best stories she has ever read. Eudora’s first book ,In a Curtain of Green, was published five years later. In 1942 she published another book ( Her third book she published was The Wide Net. Welty travelled to Europe and wrote about her experienced there. Welty had written seven books in fourteen years, but after that her production of books came to a complete stop. Personal tragedies made her stop writing for over a decade. In 1970 she finally released another book,”Losing Battles.” Eudora died in 2001. Eudora’s success was not just in her fiction. She also had success in her early photographs. One of her photograph books got published as One Time, One Place
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