Eugene Black's Role In Nazi Concentration Camps

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The concentration camps were Hitler’s as well as the Nazi’s answer to the “Final Solution” of the eradication, elimination, and extermination of the Jewish population in Germany. A little after Germany’s annexation of Austria in March, 1938, tons of Nazis had arrested German and Austrian Jews. There were many invasions that had led the Germans to force labor, which they had gotten the name “Prisoner of War Camps”. As soon as you knew it camps were being spread worldwide and they had finally been given the name concentration camps. Inside each one many gas chambers were being constructed to increase the killing efficiency to the max. The reason they were to be called “concentration camps” was because those imprisoned in the camps were physically …show more content…

Investigators as well as researchers had met a man who goes by the name Eugene Black who sat down and talked about the harsh journey he had with his involvement in being confined in one of those camps. He was born in 1928 is Czechoslovakia, and grew up with a Jewish family. Though religion only played a small role in his life, when German forces fled his homeland he was immediately forced to work in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Black had then been selected as a slave laborer where he had grown sick and weak. After a while he had realized he lost his entire family except for his older brother. But soon enough, Black was liberated on the arrival of the British army and set out to start a family. To this day, he still speaks about traumatic experiences he had been through in those prisons. Meanwhile, he is still trying to piece together his family story. Since he isn’t the only survivor there still were many hardships in the concentration camps that everyone had gone through, although this is one of millions of stories there is, it still gives you a clear example of what it was like to become one of “Hitler’s slaves”. …show more content…

The Holocaust roughly lasted for about 12 years. Germans were very surprised by the Soviet advance that they had attempted to hide any given evidence to prove that there is no sign of a mass murder and by doing that they destroyed the camps. Germany had finally surrendered and there were as many as 20,000 prisoners in each camp that had been unleashed. All in all, the Holocaust and the nasty concentration camp stories will always be remembered in American history for years and years to

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