Eugene Camp Biography

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Eugene was born in Munkacs, Czechoslovakia in 1928. He had a normal family life with 3 sisters and a brother. His mother came from an orthodox Jewish family but his father, who was a master tailor, did not. Religion played little part in Eugene 's family. in November 1938, their family 's land was taken away, so they moved back to Hungary. Eugene was only 16 when the Germans invaded Hungary on March 19 1944. On May 14th Eugene was returning home from school. 200 yards from home, he saw a German military lorry outside his home with his two sisters and father on board. His mother had been slapped in the face, and forced on the lorry with many other families in the Ghetto. The lorry was driven to a nearby brickyard where the Jewish population was forced to gather. Eugene and his family were forced be go in railway cattle trucks and shipped to Auschwitz, Birkenau. He was quickly separated from his mother and his sisters, and later his father. After being completely shaved and showered, he was given the ID number 55546, and given a striped uniform. He remained in Auschwitz for ten days before being chosen for slave labour. He was sent by train to the Little Camp at Buchenwald, then to Dora Mittelbau in the Harz mountains, Where Nazis used slave labor to make V1 and V2 rockets…show more content…
In 2009, he discovered that his two sisters did not die in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, which he had believed for over 60 years. Eugene and Lilian (his eldest daughter) went to examine the International Tracing Service archive at Bad Arolsen in Germany. They found out that 22-year-old Paula, and 20-year-old Jolan had spent three months in Auscwitz and then been selected for slave labour. His sisters were sent to Gelsenkirchen to work in a factory producing fuel for the German war effort. On 11 September 1944, the RAF bombed the factory and 151 Hungarian Jewish women were killed, including Eugene 's two
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