Eugene Lazowski: A Person With Moral Courage

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Children learn from a very young age that heroes are people with extraordinary courage who save others. Naming a hero would be an easy task for a child, but naming someone with moral courage provides a whole new and unique challenge for these children. A person with moral courage is selfless and puts their own life at risk in order to save others. They do not think of their own needs. Instead, they focus on how they can use their abilities to aid others. Eugene Lazowski is the perfect example of someone who exhibited moral courage because he risked his own life and the life of his family in order to save members of the Jewish community who feared being separated from their family and sent to a concentration camp daily during World War II. When Eugene Lazowski graduated high school in Warsaw, Poland, he knew what his future would hold for him. He was to become a doctor. Lazowski then attended medical school at the University of Jozef Pilsudski in Warsaw. After graduating medical school, he joined the Polish Army as a military physician. Working for the Polish Red Cross, he aided the wounded Polish soldiers on trains while they were being transported to their next destination. When the train would stop, Lazowski would always leave the train, sometimes in enemy territory, to find food and supplies for the Polish soldiers. Once, while he was gone, his train was bombed by the German soldier, and every soldier inside the train was killed. Later, Lazowski became a

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