Eugene Williams: The Chicago Race Riots Of 1919

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The death Eugene Williams, one of the majors point of the Chicago Race Riots of 1919, it was one of the things that actually started to make the majority of African-Americans act. Eugene was hit and killed by a thrown rock by a white male on the breakwater, even after his identity was established he wasn’t arrested. Even to make matters worse one of the males accompanying him was arrested instead in the chaos. Of course, many people fought but the majority of the race moved out of the south, the southern states passed new constitutions and laws that dehumanized African-Americans and made them into slaves, they even had to flee from the Ku Klux Klan. This led to The Great Migration, which changed Chicago politically and culturally.
Chicago as the national railroad hub, the black population increased 148 percent from 1916 to 1919. The racial
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People acted out of anger and displeasure in the moment so they fought and fought, One race was tired of being mistreated so they tried to make a difference, the other race didn’t want anything to change and wanted them to stay in their miserable place. I’ve read online many events where a black person and a white person did the same crime but there’s this thing called white privilege which let’s them get away or won’t suffer as much. I think this is very much sad because it’s been almost a century since the Race Riots have started and almost nothing changed except African-American getting the equal amount of rights. That’s sure an improvement but people are still immature and uneducated enough to learn how to not be racist, I see nothing wrong with black people but there are people who still do. Seeing how today’s society is still unchanged in some areas, I still personally think the Chicago Race Riots would still have started even without Eugene William’s death but at a much later

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