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Eugene Yackle is an 11 year old boy. He is an 11 year old kid who has been watching the Wright brothers trying to fly their planes on the beach from his window. He is a new at school because his Dad got a new job and they moved into a beachfront house and ever since he started watching them he wanted to be a pilot but he was too young. He always tried to talk about them to the kids at his school but they didn’t believe him and thought he was stupid so he ended up not having any friends and all he had was his beliefs in Orville and Wilbur Wright. Eventually when they get their plane working everybody believed him when they heard about it and everyone liked him from then on. As he grows up he decides that he wants to be a pilot. He joins the Army as a fighter pilot and he ends up…show more content…
Eugene was at home with nothing better to do because he didn’t have many friends. He looked out his window and when he did he saw a weird looking contraption that was nothing like he had ever seen. It was one of the first versions of the airplane. He saw them trying to fly the plane almost every day for the summer. A month later school started and the Wright brothers showed no signs of slowing down on their experiments as it got closer to winter. Though it was hard to work in the slightly colder weather, they kept working except for the days when it snowed, which doesn’t happen too often in Ohio. When he went back to school it was his first day at a new school and his first day of middle school because he was starting 6th grade. He hadn’t made any friends over the summer because he didn’t really know anybody and nobody from his grade lived in the same neighborhood as him. As he tried to talk to different people in his grade, he was doing just fine making friends. But every time he tried to talk to somebody he tried to tell them about what he saw Orville and Wilbur Wright doing with their contraptions on the beach. Every time he talked about it nobody believed

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