Eugenia Skeeter Phel A Character Analysis

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Kolter McLaughlin Skeeter is 22 years old with a father that works at the cotton plantation. Wanting to be a writer, but her mother thinks otherwise, saying “you should find a guy and become a wife”. With her thoughts of what her mother wants and what she wants, she goes out with some friends and finds Stuart (the Senator’s son). As soon as Stuart finds out about Skeeter’s learnings in Civil Rights, he ends his relationship rather quickly saying he needs a break. Eugenia Skeeter Phelan is a great writer and a fantastic, wonderful, and mesmerizing person who is willing to work to help the black people in the society during the Jim Crow laws. Skeeter comes to a professional editor in New York asking for an opportunity to write about the black maids and their lives of growing up. A maid named Aibileen was the one to start telling the stories about her crazed lifestyle. Skeeter…show more content…
Most of the people such as Miss Hilly were rude and discriminatory to their maids. But Skeeter treated them all with the utmost respect that she could to get their stories. Sure Skeeter was trying to help the maids using their stories. But she was also doing it for her own favor as well and to have a wonderful career in writing. Most of her teaching came from Constantine and she helped her grow up. Constantine told Skeeter to follow her heart with the path that she takes. Skeeter began writing the Miss Myrna’s Household Hints column in the newspaper. The Jim Crow laws were certain rules the black people were obliged to follow which made them have to work for other people and not get paid much money for their work. The law also puts down that they couldn’t be in the same schools, buildings, and even the same bathrooms as white people. It created the separation of whites and blacks through the towns. Skeeter was risking her life by talking to the maids despite the laws, and by trying to obtain her

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