Abuse Of Euthanasia Essay

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My second reason because Euthanasia can be abused. First of all, Euthanasia has already been abused in history (Griswold). One exemplification is, at the time of the Nazi’s. Nazi’s abused euthanasia to create a master race, by pretending to treat “imperfect” children but in reality killing them with Euthanasia injections, and lying that the children died during treatment (Griswold). Eliminating certain traits through killing the holders of the traits, or sterilizing them, is Eugenics. Eugenics is when you try to breed certain people to eliminate certain genes and make a surplus of certain genes. We already have prejudice in our hearts, that no matter how we act in public about those matters, still influences us in our lives. We tend to take a liking quicker to those similar to us than those who are different. Some people have more intense views of those different than us, such as Hitler, who resorted to the murder of those different than him. He too, used Euthanasia, to aid him in this terrible alternate…show more content…
Euthanasia is allowing people to have an excuse to commit suicide, which can lead to abuse. Euthanasia can fall into the wrong hands and help people get away with murder/manslaughter and suicide. This can cost someone’s life prematurely, and cause pain to his/her loved ones. These people are giving up and/or causing pain to those around him/her. Making Euthanasia illegal would successfully prevent all the problems that come with legalizing Euthanasia. There are better alternatives, like palliative care. Euthanasia should not be allowed because killing is immoral and Euthanasia can cause abuse. Don’t give up on life, because there is always a chance that things will be perfect in the end. Hold on to that chance, and feel blessed to have it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t let the opportunity slip from your grasp, and don’t agree to be injected with Euthanasia, and don’t give up the chance of a brighter
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