Eugenics As A Factor Of Dystopias

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EUGENICS AS A FACTOR OF DYSTOPIAS Dystopia is a fictional society which consists of unwanted systems and lives. It is also the opposite of utopia, meaning a community in which everything is perfect. Dystopias include elements such as authoritarian governments, violation of human rights, and immoral practices. Eugenics is also a factor used in dystopias because it is considered to contain unethical applications and unjust consequences. On the other hand, according to the people and governments who support eugenics, it is considered as a tool to create a utopia. Eugenics should be approached both ethically in order to examine its moral complications and scientifically to see its biological effects to prove that it is indeed a strong component of dystopias.
In an ethical perspective, eugenics can be examined in two different ways, method and aim.
Methodically, eugenicists are separated in two, positive eugenicists and negative eugenicists. Firstly, positive eugenics is encouraging or enforcing “good gene carriers” to mate with other “good gene carriers” to create a race with the best possible gene composition. The name “positive” comes from the fact that it does not depend on violent deeds. Raising a group with more advanced traits has been tried by a positive eugenics method by Robert Klark Graham in 1980s. Graham founded a sperm bank with the aim of taking sperms only from genius scientists including Nobel laureates. 230 children were born from the sperms coming from that
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