Eugenics: Manipulating Human Genome

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The science of eugenics began during the twentieth century by Franci Galton, who coined the idea that favorable and unfavorable characteristics in humans were hereditary. The desirable traits were seen to be prominent in the superior classes thus, sterilizing those with inferior traits to prevent them from spoiling the chances of the master race. This master race consisted of those with high intelligence, fair skin tones, desirable physical characteristics, and not a descendent of a minority race. This form of segregation divided people with race, intelligence, physical characteristics, and class. People of with disabilities, lower financial classes, and immigrants to the United States were sterilized for permanent birth control, and sometimes without their consent or knowledge.…show more content…
Therefore, the science of eugenics has been noted for aiming to create the “master race” and one of the most notorious movements in the world (“Manipulating Human Genome”). Despite the abolished practice of eugenics around the world, it’s legal to experiment with the human genome to a certain extent in various
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