Eulogy Essay For Family

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To my parents, as cliché as this sounds, no words can describe how grateful I am to have you. There were times when I have doubted myself, times when I thought that I cannot finish this on time, times when I felt like giving up. But you always believed in me; you believed that I can finish this even ahead of time, and you served as my support so I won’t give up. You never left my side. You offered help whenever possible, even in the simplest of tasks to help me get through this. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for being proud me from the start until now. More than anyone, this thesis is dedicated to you. To my siblings, Kuya and Angela, thank you for helping me in your own little and big ways. Thank you for allotting your time,…show more content…
Your dedication, faith, and undiconditional love among many others are an inspiration not only for me but for everyone who provides care. Thank you for your time. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for believing. You have touched my heart, and to this I am truly thankful. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I learned a lot from you. And this experience and learning, I will always treasure. To my co – thesis adivsees, friends, and blockmates, this journey would not have been bearable if not for you guys. Thank you for the moments, laughter, hardships, sleepless nights, stories, and experiences that we shared. I am thankful to have you. We can finally shout, SASABLAY NA! To the University of the Philippines Manila, it has been bittersweet. Thank you for being my second home. Thank you for the the four years that I spent with you. I will always treasure this.Thank you for teaching me more than what my course can offer. Thank you for making me appreciate a lot of things and for helping me realize the importance of serving other people. Learning does not end in the classrooms; thank you for making me value that. I can finally say, I MADE IT. And to the Lord Almighty, I owe everything to you. With this, I lift all of what I have achieved to you. Thank you for not leaving my side. I will forever be thankful. Gloy to
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