Eulogy For Caius Coriolanus

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Eulogy for Caius Martius Coriolanus

Welcome friends and family, we are here this afternoon to pay respects to the memory of Caius Martius Coriolanus, a warrior, husband, father, and dearly loved son of mine.

For those of you whom I have yet had the pleasure of meeting, I, Volumnia is the mother to my endeared Coriolanus.

My treasured son was born on the 1st of August, 1890 at the centre of Rome. When my dear boy was 6 years old he was a jolly handful. I can recall the days when his heart would escalate out every second of daylight searching for adventure. The way his eyes would light up at the sight of challenges, quite hefty ones for my small child. When my son had fixated his eyes on climbing an old bare English oak tree in the forefront
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Hope will give you the dexterity to start over. When hope exists there shall not be the tranquil dusk defeat in the air. My dear Caius Martius, it was you who taught me that failure is inevitable though defeat is a choice. A choice my son never considered and to never to exist in his thoughts or dreams. Through the eyes of failure, he found victory.

My son has died nobly for our country, he did not flee out of action in the most troublesome of times. The greatest sacrifice of all anchored back the levels of peace within our worlds, as he did not voluptuously surfeit out of action.
Menenius was a noble friend of my son. He saw what many could not see through his tenacious manner. He was able to capture that; Coriolanus truly grew from a man to a dragon, for which grew legendary wings made of fire. He was an intelligent and noble man, fearsome in battle; for he served our country well.

Though these times of mourning I cannot mask, what feels like an endless life of agony. Nevertheless, I remind myself that rather be in agony of what has occurred we should thank God for such a man who lived.

An epitome of a young warrior he
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