Eulogy For Emily

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When I was younger, I started babysitting as a way to make money. One home I babysat in particular will always resonate with me. I began to babysit for Lisa, a women my mother worked with, because she was not home during the day to watch her daughter. Lisa’s daughter, Caroline, was beautiful. Her hair was as blonde as Cinderella’s, and her eyes were a light hazel that anyone could fall in love with. Caroline and her mother lived in a little yellow house that resembled a doll’s. The only thing I disliked about the house was the amount of dragonflies that seemed to swarm outside. But they would scatter when her father would come to visit them in their small home.

Caroline’s father had an affair with Lisa when he was married to his wife, with
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The dragonflies had disappeared, and with them they took all of the joy and laughter that was once dominant. Caroline’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and Caroline didn’t know what was the reason behind her mother’s illness, as nobody had the courage to tell her. Everything in the house changed. The atmosphere was different. Caroline’s mother began to lose weight and with that, she began to lose her self-esteem. She was ashamed of the way she looked and would often say “I don’t want people to see me this way.” She had to walk with oxygen tubes around the house for only one side of her lungs was working, barely at that. It was sad to see her that way. She was so alive and always had a smile on her face, but you could see that slowly going away with time. The sparkle in her eyes were no longer there. She was an incredible woman; intelligent, open minded, kind hearted and she possessed strength like no other woman could. It is no wonder why Caroline was the way she was. She had gotten all of her good qualities from her mother. No matter how bad things got Lisa still managed to pull herself together. She would get ready and put makeup on with the intention to look good for Caroline’s father when he came to visit them, regardless of how ill she was. Little did she know, she was beautiful without it. Like the dragonflies that used to land on our hands, her beauty was prominent, if only for a split second or
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