Eulogy For Friend

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If Kathryn and I would have been sisters or even identical twins it wouldn 't have made us any closer than we are today. This friendship has set some standards for all my other friendships. Kathryn is family. But no she really is, she 's my cousin. And ever since we were babies, we have been together. Birthdays, holidays, vacations, even down to doctors visits- you name it, Kathryn is always with me.
I don 't think it would do our friendship justice if I only described one specific experience. Not only that, but it would be difficult to pick one memory out of the thousands we have shared together. So instead I will be sharing multiple memories throughout our years of friendship. You can start by rewinding the clock all the way back to
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My experience with Kathryn can relate to the theme of friendship because my relationship with her is one of the closest friendships I have. Despite us being related I feel the connection we share wouldn 't be affected either way. When I think about my life without this friendship; I wouldn 't have experienced half of memories I have made. Through this experience I have learned what it means to be loved. Despite cutting her hair, wasting our money on clothes and food together, or being separated for an amount of time, I have always felt affection and love from her. Having this friendship has brought security into my life; knowing that I can trust and depend on someone.
I chose my experience with Kathryn because it is my most memorable friendship I have made so far in my life. This is also why it is so important to me, because the connection we share is something that is irreplaceable. Looking at all my other relationships, the one I have the Kathryn is very special and unique. I am not trying to take away from my other friendships because they are all special to me, but mine and Kathryn 's relationship is something I hold very close to my heart. Reflecting on our friendship it is something that is irreplaceable and I hope it is something it can carry with me the
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