Eulogy For Grandfather

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about 2 months after my dad passes away, i got lonely and missed his company, so i tought to myself i sould take a ride for old time sakes and remeber my dad in the way i used to remember him, kind loveing and careing enough to share his passion for shooting with me, he taught me how to hold aim and take care off all sorts of pellet rifles and small cal rifles, how to safely handle them with out endangering me or others around, and his loveing for just driving around with me talk and enjoying life. so to honor my memory of him i borrowed one of his pistols and did this on my own didnt tell anyone, not knowing what it was untill resently, thinking it would bring back the good memorys of him and what we did together, and it did. so i found one the spots where we used to go and i collected a few bottles mostly glass ones, and arranmged them in a row and like my dad taught me, i just started hitting them one after another, i started to fell a bit better about myself and the memory of what my dad did and ment to me in the past this was to honor his life in my eyes and how i saw him, when i was finnished i drive off longer down the road and saw a bunch of frogs on the bank of a creek/river, this is what we did also frog hunting it was fun as a kid, so…show more content…
well that was almost 3 years ago and i was a little distraught with my dads passing, but it did bring back memeories, the call i got from you last week made me remeber this day it was one of the happiest days after my dad had passed away, untill i relised what pistol i had borrowed, it was the colt one you are looking for, so im sorry that i didnt report it back then, cuz i didnt know what would have happened if my sister knew what i had done it was a bad time for all of us, so i kinda forgot about it, untill the phone call from you, i will take full responalility for my actions, but please dont sell me to jail it was a mistake and no one got hurt and the pistol is disabled by now rust and what not do it possses no
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