Eulogy For Headley's

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I always feel pretty damned good when I get into Headley Hardware because it keeps the birdseed on an end cap near the entrance. It smells oily and light. And 6-penny nails are clanked by the handful onto an ancient tipan scale, so the place sounds like the industry of the everyday. Headley 's is always lit like the top of the morning. I 'm always glad to be at Headley 's.Wood screws, glazing points, pipe clamps. Headley 's always has that. It 's a well-stocked larder and it may be that I underappreciated the remarkable anticipation of its inventory. I come to Headley 's for two things: answers and eye contact. I gain an edge by coming in, by seeking out the knowledge, the problem-solving, the patience, of the people who work there. These
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