Eulogy For Home

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I am always feeling grateful. I have always had good health, I have always had a roof over my head and shoes on my feet. I 'm blessed with a family that since always they have put me and my needs before themselves and their needs. My family and I we come from property and we are not ashamed of it. All the money my parents and grandparent made was for me, to feed me, to buy me clothing and toys. They always did everything in their power so I could enjoy my childhood and I did, I can 't complain. All I have ever seen from my parents and grandparents is how hard they work, how being tired never stopped them from playing with me, for giving me the best childhood. Now, we are in a better place than we were back then. Now, I do exactly what I saw and still see my…show more content…
I never think I 'm better than others but I can tell you this much I work harder than most. Yes, Scott and I we live comfortable because we work our booty off to point of exhaustion, while those people talking are sitting down waiting for miracles. Nothing I have has been given to me freely, it has taken a lot of work, dedication and a lot of sleepless nights that no one knows about. I 'm proud of my family and my accomplishments because we can truly say that we have risen up from nothing. I 'm in a point in my life in which I have it all. This girl right here has never felt envy because I have always been satisfied with everything in my life, also because I know how it feels to have nothing and I don 't want no one to feel that kind of feeling. I celebrate other people accomplishments like if they were mine because that 's who I am and if you know me well you know is true. People don 't sit back and try to belittle me, trying to cover my name with model and make of stuff about me because you 're blinded by envy, get your booty up and work as hard as I do and I 'm sure you will accomplish whatever you want. Don 't let your partner work alone, work as hard as he or she works to bring the money in so the both
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