Eulogy For Husband

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Today is it. Today is the day I propose to the love of my life. All my friends say it isn 't right for the woman to propose to the man but I honestly can 't sit around waiting for him to ask me. Anyway, I know he 'll say yes so why not just go for it? This might mean that we 'll finally move in together, as him living in Boston and me living in L.A isn 't exactly ideal for us. That 's 2,984 miles! I was thinking of planning something really extravagant for the proposal but I think I will just do it the second he gets off his plane. His name is Liam, by the way, and we met four years ago when I was visiting family in Boston. This is a cliché, but it was honestly love at first sight. We 've tried to see each other as much as possible during these four years, but it 's never enough and I feel like now is really the best time for us to take a committed step forward in our relationship. I 'm actually astounded it has taken me so long to pop the question, as I was completely enthralled by…show more content…
However, I 've been saving money for quite a while now, and I think I 'm finally financially ready to start a family with the man who holds my heart. It 's currently 8:34, meaning his plane left about half an hour ago. I don 't know how I can possibly wait five more hours until his plane lands. My heart is pounding already. This will be a long five hours.

I 'm sitting at my kitchen counter fiddling with the ring, which has the coordinates of the cafe we met at inscribed into it: The Appleton, 42.345735,-71.072735. Everything just feels right, you know? I feel like I 'm old enough and mature enough for this. Although currently, I 'm a mix of nervous anticipation and overall joy. I 'm solicitous too, even though I 'd be surprised if he declined my proposal, I know he loves me just as much as I love him. I need to distract myself for a bit. I turn on Good Morning America, but I just can 't
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