Eulogy For Robot-Assisted Surgery

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Jamie Goodwin HHS440: Technology in Health & Human Services Instructor: Kristin Ballard 11/30/2015 MY ANNOTATED BLIOGRAPHY FOR MY FINAL PAPER Barbash, Gabriel I,M.D., M.P.H., & Glied, S. A., PhD. (2010). New technology and health care costs -- the case of robot-assisted surgery. The New England Journal of Medicine, 363(8), 701-4. doi: This article discusses that Medicare and insurance companies are seeing an increase the cost of surgery with new technology advances such as the robotic arm. The increase could be because more people are getting these types of surgeries and the cost for robotic surgeries are expensive. I chose this article for my paper because it talks about the possible increase of costs…show more content…
I am using this book because it has great information about technology and surgery. Camarillo, D. B., Krummel, T. M., & Salisbury, J. K. (2004). Robotic technology in surgery: Past, present, and future. The American Journal of Surgery, 188(4), 2. doi: This article talks about the progress that robots have made in surgery within the last 20 years. It discusses how in the future the robotic technologies should be smaller and more cost effective. I chose this article because it talks about the different types of robotic tools that have improved the way that surgeries have been done throughout the years and the possible future of robotic technology in surgery. Char, S., Hills, N., Lo, B., & Kirkwood, K. (2013, April 1). Informed consent for innovative surgery: A survey of patients and surgeons. Retrieved November 25, 2015, from This article discusses how both the doctors and the patients feel about what procedures should have patient consent and what the patients want from their doctors before surgical procedures are done. I chose this article because it has great information about how the patients feel about new technological procedures and their comfort
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