Eulogy For Son

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It is with our deepest heartfelt sympathies and love to the Blume Family we offer our respect and honor the loss of Brent. In gratitude for his spirit I want to share a story about Brent. Brad’s best childhood friend was Brent Wade Blume. They had their standard childhood playdates and Brent was very important to Brad. I remember Brent was stung by an asp in our backyard and Brad and I immediately went and bought to chickens to keep in the backyard so that they would eat all the asps and so that Brent would never be stung again. They grew up and apart but later crossed paths in junior or high school but I have not seen Brent in many years. We all carry special moments in time that we reflect on and one of my favorite was about Brent, with the point being that he clearly touched so many lives that he never even knew about.…show more content…
When the boys were 6 or 7 they were out on the soccer field one evening as Dina and I stood by talking about school, lacrosse and RCE drama. We were both half watching the soccer game when I turned just in time to see Brent running down the sidelines at lightning speed and without missing a step, did a summer sault, maybe two, and continued running full speed in one long fluid forward moving motion. It was a remarkable thing to see and I was just blown away. He was moving so fast and with such carefree happiness that I would not have been surprised if he just decided to fly. Of course the Coach considered it to be goofing around and completely missed the Olympic athleticism in front of him and that didn’t bother Brent a bit. He cheerfully slowed down and entered the circle of kids, placing a hand on the back of the kid on his left and the kid on his right to listen to the Coach’s instructions. That memory pops up as vivid memories do and is my mental image of a happy little boy with a joyful life force celebrating a moment in time and enjoying it to the

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