Eulogy For Survival

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Like many characters of each and every survival books, movies or video games. Brian is one of numerous to be out in the wilderness on his own to survive without any previous knowledge on survival. Soon after his pilot suffered from a certain death, his plane crashed, leaving him alone, scared and without help. But what if Brian were ever to find a survival kit? Here are the five objects I imagine would be present: a first aid kit, extra clothes, A net, a hunting bow and a survival guide. Firstly, in any kind of activities, rather performed outdoors, out at sea or in the sky, one thing that is always present is, a first aid kit. Which is why it 's the number one thing that Brian needs the most. With all his bruises and swelling, there an infection…show more content…
So for Brian to not treat his open cuts, can expose him to all types of germs only present in the wild, therefore that is a very big risk. Going into the forest with an open cut is like going through winter without a coat, you 'll suffer a terrible fate. An infection, is when germs have gotten into your open wound, which is more likely in Brian case, if he doesn 't take care of his wounds soon. So a first aid kit is a definite must have, for Brian. Secondly, following the devastating plane crash, nothing much was left of Brian’s clothes, his windbreaker was completely destroyed and his short sleeves only left his skin exposed for all the mosquitoes to devours him. On the other hand if he were provided of new clothes and shoes, it would not only protect him from all the blood sucking bugs, but in addition to help him reuse his old ripped clothes for baskets, traps or even as material to build a stronger shelter. Clothes isn 't just a simple accessory but a very useful article, he could make a bag to carry his berries more efficiently using his T-shirt by closing the bottom end or use it for fuel for his fire, there are numerous thing he could do with only his clothes. Extra clothes will keep him covered from bugs and double a material for his
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