Eulogy Of Martin Luther Essay

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Madeline Campbell 2/5/16 Eulogy of Martin Luther On November 10, 1483 one of the most important men to change religion was born. As a young boy Martin lived with his two parents Hans and Margarette. The family wasn’t very wealthy but they made by with his father’s ore deposits. At a young Martin wasn’t every religious, he never had any reason to believe in God. Instead of being part of the church he had enrolled into the University of Erfurt where he received a Master of Arts Degree, this was where he thought his path was leading him. But one faithful day a horrible storm was passing through with young Martin in the middle. Praying for God for what he thought could be the last time her claimed that if the Lord let him survive he would serve him for…show more content…
Martin then began to take action. He helped smuggle nuns out of the church to escape their celibacy and get married.. He began writing hymns in which all people, men, women, and children alike were connected. He translated the bible and wrote of his believe in salivation simply through faith. But the greatest thing this man did was write the 95 theses. These stopped the tyrants of the church in their tracks and paved a new route for the Protestant Reformation to begin. He had become the savior of religion. He helped hundreds if not thousands of people find God without having to pay a toll. People could now fix their fate and create their own through the bible, and not through a man who claimed to be God himself. He was the hero to religion itself, and this is how he was meant to be remembered. But as every one of us he wasn’t perfect. Through his belief in God he saw others who did not have the same beliefs as him to be sinners themselves. Later in his life he wrote “The Jews and Their Lies.” In which he repeatedly attacked the Jews and their beliefs. He had thought that the Jew’s houses should be burned, their synagogues burned, and their money confiscated. He thought that
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