Eunice Hawley Research Paper

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In the year 1778 the new and improved “Articles of Confederation” is ratified by eight states; New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina. Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of slaves in the Continental Army; British Redcoats evacuate Philadelphia while Washington’s troops leave Valley Forge. The Liberty Bell comes home to Philadelphia, although not rehung for 7 years due to a rotted steeple, and Mary Ludwig Hayes, better known as “Molly Pitcher” is aiding American patriots: Battle of Monmouth, although not in the year 1778, made her famous. In this same year, the month of November, Eunice Hawley, “mover and definitely not a Shaker”, is born to parents Elijah and Mercy Hawley in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Eunice Hawley will be the middle child of the Mercy and Elijah Hawley’s eight children. “She was a light in the age in which she lived”…show more content…
Eunice Hawley is twenty-four and unmarried. In addition, her two older sisters have been married for years and have children. Although no images exist, Eunice Hawley is considered petite, of childlike size, which portrays defenseless and innocence. Witnesses recount of her charming lure, which could be compared to modern day sex appeal. In addition to her loveliness, she also owns a powerful temper and a strong will. While the latter attributes could be the cause of her single marital state, they served her well with her future
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