Eunsang Hardworking Student: Ziad In The Classroom

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Grade 1
Eunsang Hardworking student, responsible about his learning and practicing, good recorder player, he cares about his classmates and shares his knowledge. Good with rhythm and singing, tries to apply his best features in the class by following instructions correctly.

Mao is sometimes shy during the class, you can see that the instruments are helping her a lot to be part of the class and share her knowledge. Sometimes she gets behind on the matter of rhythm, she needs to practice more on the basic rhythms and focus in one instrument. The singing his helping her to take away that shyness and you can see it in the classroom.

Jhon Practicing in the class is really enthusiastic and participative, sometimes he get’s distracted by different
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Santiago enjoys playing percussion instruments and when he realize about the different sounds that he can create with the different instruments, his attitude in the classroom is different and the amount of energy apply to the activities in a positive and respectful way is enormous.

Ziad In the PA class Ziad shows different attitudes that keep him away from the basic music activities and he can get distracted very easily. He his motivates for the different that we use in the classroom and he shows knowledge about rhythm and singing. However, follow the rules and participate in the different activities of the classroom is also one of the biggest priority’s.

Matteo has prove himself that with good motivation he can control and focus his energy in different activities, during the first classes we struggle to focus that energy and motivation, and now that we found out what are Mateo’s interest, we can work in different ways and he is being part of every class paying attention to the activities and participating and playing different songs and rhythms with fully understanding of the music

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