Euphemism For Death Literature Review

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Language is one of the greatest creations of mankind. Ever since its coming into existence, language has been an invaluable tool to human communication, making the process of conveying certain messages easy and full of life. The aforementioned and the development and division of human into multiple races and ethnics altogether had laid the foundation, upon which English was formed. The language of English, through centuries, has established its place as one of the most widely used languages in the world, carrying a distinctive charm to itself and presenting the unique cultural appeals of its motherland. Death, whenever comes across most minds, is regarded as a thing of misfortune and Voldemort-like that is, not to be spoken of. At times, such refrainment can create more difficulties in the conversation for it is hard to deliver the messages in full. Due to this, the figures of speech, including euphemism, Therefore, figures of speech, one of which is euphemism, were formed and developed as ways to express ideas, convey messages to the closest extent of direct ones while still maintaining the polite, or "refrained" elements regarding the speaker 's needs. This paper aims to provide an overview of English and Vietnamese euphemism for death and then discuss some points by contrasting some similarities and differences in terms of religion, belief and the back stories.

Literature Review Euphemism is such a powerful linguistic tool that Hugh Rawson wrote the following in

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