Euphemism In Barack Obama's War On Terror

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As Barack Obama prepares for yet another reassuring speech, even his most devoted adherents hold out little hope for change. However, in spite of this, America can be assured of one thing: no matter what the president says, it will be cunningly wrapped in ambiguous euphemism. This comes as a result of constant inconsistency from our current leader, as there continues to be a negative correlation between promises made and promises fulfilled. Therefore, in order to conceal the extent of the pitiful unsuccessfulness of his campaign as of late, Obama plays off what he perceives as the public's inability to comprehend over-complicated and sterilized phrases. Said phrases serve as metaphorical masks, as the pure complexity and neutrality of the words seem to cleanse the original language of all its emotion and connotation.…show more content…
Through a rather basic observation of Obama’s “War on Terror” campaign, one can come to find that the president has completely deconstructed the conflict into a host of euphemisms aimed at misleading the public; hence, it has been labelled “Obama's All Euphemism Foreign Policy” ever since. War and conflict are topics which cause civil unrest due to their negativity and correlation with danger, and therefore, in order to maintain peace and tranquility throughout our beloved nation, Barack Obama utilizes euphemisms to strip the associated language of every bit of its negativity. Rather, it is replaced with intricate, emotionless words aimed at creating a false image of war, as well as a flawed sense of
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