Euphoric Acitement In Nursing

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Graduating form a hard and rigorous course such as nursing creates a euphoric excitement. At this phase, Jane is transitioning from a student nurse to a nurse practitioner. Her new role requires her to be more responsible, and jointly works with other health care professionals to develop care plans for patents. Felling exited, Jane choose to work in a busy medical telemetry unit. However, Jane’s excitement was short lived. She stated to become overwatered by responsibilities, felt sick whenever she going to work, and doubted her skills as a nurse. According to Joanna Zerwekh and Ashley Garneau, Jane is experiencing a reality shock. “This is a term often used to describe the reaction experienced when one moves to into the work force after several years of education preparation (Zerwekh and Garneau, 2015)”. The first phase of reality shock is the honeymoon phase. Jane’s honey moon phases started when she felt exited to finish the nursing course and began her new carrier. Felling euphoric Jane bought new scrubs,…show more content…
Overall, her expectation of the nursing carrier did not meet the reality of the practice. According to (Zerwekh and Garneau, 2015), most graduates feel as if they have failed and blame themselves for every mistake. The felling of reality shock is experience by almost all nursing students who are transitioning in to the nursing carrier. Once Jane understands this phase she can easily manage the transition periods. Some of the use full tips to manage transitioning period include evaluate work performance, managing time, and implementing this techniques, Jaen can easily resolve her conflict in a positive manner and easily meet her work place
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