Eurasian Lynx Research Paper

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Eurasian Lynx Throughout my life I haven’t known anything about an animal called the lynx, I’ve seen pictures and a couple of videos but I really didn’t know anything about them. Many questions went unanswered, until this research paper. Questions like, what are their physical characteristics, what is their behavior like, what kind of environment do they live in and their life cycle. The Eurasian Lynx is a wild cat found all over Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and has been reintroduced to the forest in central and southeastern Europe. The Eurasian lynx is the largest lynx species standing 80-110 cm in length, 65-75 cm high, and weigh in at about 15-29 kg. What are the Eurasian Lynx’s physical characteristics that make it such a great predator?…show more content…
The Eurasian lynx and the whole lynx family are all great climbers, they use trees and high rocks as places to lie up, watch for prey and even launch ambush hunts from. They are less frequent in areas with many settlements, roads, railways, and highways as these increase fatality and injury. Also, because they tend to shy away from open areas, lynx distribution is dependent on regions with high forest cover as well as forest connectivity this is why they have to develop their huge paws to climb. Eurasian Lynx are strict carnivores, consuming only meat just like other members of the family felid. All lynx species are specialized rabbit and hare hunters but the Eurasian lynx prey is primarily on small ungulates, like roe deer, musk deer, chamois and have also been known to prey on ungulates as large as elk and caribou in the winter. As stated before, location is everything when it comes to what they eat and how they look like. The Eurasian lynx usually favor the roe deer but in parts of Finland, introduced white tailed deer are eaten mostly regularly and in some areas of Poland and Austria, red deer are the preferred prey, in Switzerland the locally favored animal is the chamois. An adult Eurasian Lynx require at least 2.4-4.4 lb. of meat per day, but it’ll take several days to fully consume their larger prey. Other than sleeping, all four species of lynx use trees for stalking and jumping on prey, it’s their main method of hunting. The Eurasian lynx hunt using their amazing hearing and vision, which makes them a very powerful predator, they have successfully killed adult deer weighing up to three hundred pounds. Although being a great hunter, the lynx have fallen prey to grey wolfs and wolverines by killing the lynx before it can escape into
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