The Eureka Stockade Incident

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Making a Nation Eureka Stockade Eureka Stockade was an incident that happened in 1854, started with Australia trying to force the gold mining license which transformed into 30 shillings a month. Which was a lot of money backed, then So a lot of the people weren't happy about it, that is basically how the eureka stockade started. The miners didn't feel happy about having to pay so much to mine gold, many of them didn't gain anything. Quite the opposite some people started to lose money, so all of them was getting readied for a fight. On November 1854 30th, the police did their usual check up and invading the miners for their license. Instead of seeing people around ready to hand up their license or be prepared to be fined they saw something…show more content…
They felt threatened due to how fast and how much gold the chinese is digging up and how much effort they are putting into it. So they felt threatened. I’m not European, however I can come up with the conclusion that the Europeans didn’t have a much better perspective either compared to the Chinese. The impact of Gold Rush in Victoria Gold rush was a huge part, of Victoria and many other countries. At first there were only Europeans then the Chinese came and many other countries. This had impact on the Victoria history due to how multicultural Victoria is compared to other countries. If the gold rush never happened Australia might be very well another type of country. Right when it started many of other states factory and shops went empty. 80% of police left their jobs all for that gold and wealth. Due to insufficient amount of people that was left to work, their wages were tripled. I would say this is one of the, main reason why australia is among the highest minimum wage country, compared to U.K. and America is because of how many people left their post for the gold. One of the other thing that I think about this is that why Australia is so multicultural. Many people heard about it and then left their home country for this
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