Euripide's Revenge In Medea

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It’s funny how some things can backfire on you and you won’t even realize it. It is shown in the play Euripides’ Medea. I believe that Medea is a monster, and Jason is a fool. Think about it, would you ever trick a powerful sorceress, make her bare you kids, and then betray her? That’s a thoughtless move. If you think that’s foolish, then would you kill you own brother for someone that doesn’t love you back, and then kill your own kids just to get revenge on them? now that’s a monster. Euripides portrays Medea as a ruthless person by showing that Medea did not hesitate to kill her own children in order to get her revenge on Jason. It is showing that women can be driven into monstrous act when they are abused. Euripides opens up with Medea having the knowledge that jason will remarry. She express her feeling of his betrayal of her by plotting revenge. She uses her kids as pawns in her plan. Euripides is delineating medea by making her exhibit emotions of love, passion, and vengeance. Medea can be seen as a fierce woman, because she is open-minded, she doesn’t give up. It is shown in the play where it states “ I will turn three of my enemies into corpses, the father, the daughter, and my husband”. It shows that she’s not afraid to get her problem solved even if it has bad outcomes. It also shows that when she says “ I may kill the king 's daughter. For I shall send my children with gifts in their hands, bringing them to the bride, asking for reprieve from exile. And if she
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