Euroculturalism In European Culture

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The first source is a quotation delineated by Joseph Chamberlain 's, who is a British Colonial Officer, eurocentric perspective. He clearly views the British culture as prevalent (or further developed) than different cultures, for example, the indigenous culture. That is the reason he alludes to the colonial enterprise as "carrying out the work of civilization.." This source can directly be associated with the demonstration of eurocentrism. Eurocentrism is the worldview that European culture, beliefs and values, were the "correct, proper or rightful” way. Political and cultural powers spread to different parts of the world and inevitably economic strategies as well. In the following source, the Europeans consider themselves a higher power. They expect it is their responsibility to lead the Indigenous individuals to an civilized European way of life. They believed that the Indigenous practices were barbaric and lesser than their own, and that their own traditions, culture, and beliefs were superior than those of the Indigenous people groups they met. Accordingly, European governments essentially pronounced that Indigenous people groups were their subjects — and frequently uprooted and even oppressed. They assumed that it was their duty to lead the Indigenous individuals to a socialized European way of life. For instance, in the source it expresses, that the lives of Europeans were considerably more important than those of Indigenous individuals; the statement indiacts, while

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