Horse Meat Scandal Analysis

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Scandal: Europe horse meat scandal
Scandal was all about horse meat turning up in products that were not supposed to be in, as they clearly labeled as “beef “. The scandal started in the UK, spread quickly to a suspected supplier in Ireland, and soon covered large parts of Europe. Food marketed as containing beef was found to contain horse meat and in some cases other meat variety such as pork. Customer confidence rapidly decreased when it became clear that effective oversight of the food industry was profoundly lacking. Companies affected in it took quick action by withdrawing effected products and try to get the confidence of customers again but it was a very large scale criminal activity in the food chain. There were many companies involved in it
The issue came to light on January, 2013, by Irish food inspectors when they found the horse DNA in frozen Beef burgers sold in several Irish and British supermarkets. Subsequently, the British Commission on 8 February 2013 that a British company (Findus UK) had sales of beef lasagna supplied by a French company ( Comigel - Tavola Luxembourg ), which tests showed contained between 80-100% horsemeat, including Britain and Ireland. The analysis stated that 23 out of 27 samples of beef burgers also contained pig DNA; there were many companies who were involved in this unethical social
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Establishment of an EU-Food fraud network consisting of representatives of the Commission and the Member States plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, in which they discussed ways and resources to strengthen the coordination of an EU-wide approach to issues of fraud and is able to manage in a more efficient manner across the border

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