Advantages And Disadvantages Of European Commission

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The European commission has become a single institution in 1967; from then on this particular institute of European union is constantly growing in its size and its operations. The European commission is the driving source of energy behind the European union. Representing the citizen of the Europe in European union and representing European union at the global stage.

The European commission is politically independent organization comprising of different political background’s in fact the commission is the heart of the European union. The commission is responsible to Europeanparliament. This is the institute that strives to accomplish the mission of European integration.

The commission can be understood in two different ways,firstly it
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Those advise or directions are given in the form of Preliminary ruling. Which helps the national courts to interpret and validate the EU laws.

Infringement proceedings
When certain member states are failing to fulfill its legalobligations under European law and it is brought to the notice of ECJ. If the breach of EU law is found then that member country has to pay lump –sum penalties

The European institutions like parliament and commission under certain circumstances can request ECJ to have certain acts or actions to be annulled or declared illegal under the treaties. Private individuals can also request this annulation if any of the EU law affects them adversely.

Proceedings for failure

This function provides that proceedings are brought out against the EU institutions, agency, office and bodies. If the ECJ finds that the claims then concerned institute or agencies have to take
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