European Impact On Native Americans

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Outside of disease, there are a few more ways the Europeans impacted the peoples in the Americas. One way the Europeans impacted the native peoples was by killing them and pillaging their villages. Examples of this are referenced in the article when Charles Mann writes about how the settlers near Plymouth killed villagers and ransacked their homes shortly after they arrived in America. Hernando de Soto’s stealing and pillaging of villages represents another example. A third example referenced in the article includes the conquistador's conquest of Mesoamerican civilizations, in which whole cities were ransacked and armies of warriors were killed. Many of these examples showed the tension that existed between early settlers and Native Americans.…show more content…
Consequently, many Native Americans began to negatively view Europeans and many would view them as inferior. Another way the Europeans impacted the Native Americans was by forcing them into slavery. The Spanish would practically enslave Native Americans through various systems, such as the encomienda, repartimiento, and mita. Usually, the Native Americans could not handle the arduous workload and many would die as a result. Conquest and forced labor caused the native population to significantly decline. After the Native Population had suffered heavy losses, the Spanish were forced to look for slaves elsewhere. Both of these examples illustrate a few of the effects that Europeans had on Native
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