European Imperialism Dbq Essay

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There are economic, cultural, and political are the effects of the industrial revolution and European imperialism on both European nations and their colonies during the time period 1700-1914. European nations gained oversea colonies in North and South America, Africa and Asia. The European nations conquer Africa because they needed raw materials. European-introduced European culture, language, and religion to Africa. The European opened schools in Africa, which teach in the European language and spread Christianity. The European nations divided African and China into colonies. European nations took over the colonies from Africa, Asia, and many others. The British scholars took all the wealth and lands of the colonies(Doc 5). All the money was in the hand of the British scholars and they become in control. The British enslaved the Africans, who got their land taken away from them by the European nations. All the work is done by the natives, but the foreigners take all the wealth of the colonies. Japan was isolated nation. When Japan was isolated nation, they didn’t have advance technologies and had limited resources because of their geographic feature. After 1853, they had contact with the western and they become modernized nations by adopting…show more content…
After the European nations took over many colonies, the European nations produced raw materials for themselves. The European nations conquering other nations leaves the native people in needs of money. The African culture was dominated by the Europeans and they were forced to learn the bible. The nations that were colonized by the Europeans, their government becomes weak and unable to help the native people. The Industrial Revolution and the Imperialism have many negative and positive effects on both the European nations and their
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