European Imperialism In Africa Analysis

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European imperialism in africa Imperialism is when a country takes control of an other, and takes full power of it. Where people are submit to adapt to there new rules, sometimes with a bloody war.Africa a country that fought a battle to keep them self independent, but still there tools and armor were not enough to fight the European. As the European had more new technology, and better strategy to fight. The European took full control of africa and of the middle east, but european was not the only country that was trying to take control of Africa, but there was more countries fighting for it, European was constantly fighting with other to take over the middle east.By the end of the 19th century Africa was fully controlled by the European Imperialism. European…show more content…
India was in war with the French and the British, with a seven year of war, india fighting for their territories, and their liberty. The North American and european were the other two fight against the indians.England emerged victorious, taking time to take control of the indian trade in the ocean trade. India started to work for the British. Soon india became considered a model colony. Raw materials such as cotton and even foodstuff made their way to british territories.Taking this back to the same india to resale. It was taken to asia as well. Which they were taking this to asia to make a conflict with economic and physicals attacks. As they were also trying to take control of the asia trade. Taking drugs as well making the chinese people addicted to this drug making everything easier to control and manipulate. The chinese government tried to stop this but the Europeans didn't lesing they became more powerful and ended up taking control of the chinese trade as well as they took control of all the middle east. Making the Indians to join their military under control of of the british
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