European Imperialism In Africa Between 1500 And 1800

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Between the 300 Years of 1500 and 1800’s European nations traded slaves, gold and ivory throughout the west coast of Africa. It changed when I the 1800’s people moved into central Africa and by the 1880’s Africa was being attacked by almost all of the world's nations. So what was the driving force behind imperialism in Africa. It was all made up from economics, morality and revolution. Out of economics morality and revolution economics is a very important one. Economics are important because it made a lot of countries a lot of money like the British for example, they made exports of goods from Africa they don't have in great Britain. Rubber was one of the things Britain got out of Africa. Out of economics, morality and revolution morality has to be the saddest one. Morality was one of the saddest because Africans were not treated fairly at all. Africans were sold like animals, they also had their tribes burnt down and were forced into labor. During the time when everyone wanted Africa a lot of the country that tried taking over were white supremacy believers.…show more content…
Without people fighting back nothing would change. The civil war, for example, we fought against slavery and we won. If slavery was never abolished Africans in Africa would be living worse than how they are today. Although there are many reasons for the driving force behind European imperialism in Africa. Money was of course the main reason why, but it got us to where we are
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