European Imperialism In Africa During 1700s And 1800s

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The Imperialism of Africa is a world nation over political, economic and cultural affairs of other countries and region. The European Imperialism was caused by the loss of The American colonies during 1700s and 1800s. According to the passage, document B John Ruskin born in 1819 and 1900 stated that England must do to again a source of light, a center of peace, meaning to find the colonies as fast as possible this was economic and political reasons. The Europeans took over Africa at which it was shown on Document A, every land has been taken over by the Europeans except for Libya and Ethiopia. According to this continuous with the passage Europe and the number one trade and sea power, another man named Fabri believed that Saxon British colonies would begin competing. On document E, it shows the graph of imports and exports from Africa south of The Sahara in 1854. The economic of imports and exports, of 1854…show more content…
Mr. Kipling also mentioned a quote of “your new caught sullen people half devil and half child”, meaning the slave’s children the whites were disgusted when the first saw the Africans when the travelers brought them back into the world. The Europeans have been brainwashing the African about their religion and to not speak their own language. Although, The white man had burden he the certain man did something good in return. For example: the white man took the Africans products and turned into great materials. In South of Africa, Great Britain was known to take gold and diamonds and turns into Jewelry, metal, wiring, fuel, coins etc. While the materials were existing. The Europeans were educating the Africans and also using them as cattle the Europeans have overworked the Africans for so many years until slavery was
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