European Influence On Native American Culture

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Tradition is the customs or beliefs that has been pass on to generation to generation. Native American have their own tradition such as when they trade, it meant a welcome gift or a way to gain relationship. However, the European trade and their material goods had a negative impact on their lives because they slowly lost their identity. While Native Americans was adapting to the Europeans’ homes, they did not noticed that they are started to becoming them. For example, in chapter 3, All Stuff of Life, Calloway stated that; “Archaeologists excavating eighteenth-century sites in the eastern united states often find it difficult to determine whether a settlement was Indian or European on the basis of the material unearthed.” This shows that Indians…show more content…
Native Americans had created pottery for mostly burial offering with their own design. However, Spanish missionary had, “encouraged potters to replace Native designs-which might involve association with animal spirits and other sources of power-with Christian designs such as flowers, Maltese crosses, and eight-point stars.” This shows that they did not want any of their beliefs on the Spanish pots because they wanted the native Americans to follow theirs. Besides their tools affecting them, the food can cause a negative effect to Native Americans. It is acceptable to trade food for trying out a new dish or ingredient ,but “mission indians” were eating about three times a day with a “diet very high in carbohydrate…., high-quality proteins, vitamins A and C, and riboflavin.” Native American’s diet is basicly wheat, corn, beans, vegetable, and fruit. Which is why the they had poor condition and that mostly women and children were “more susceptible to disease.” Overall, Europeans’ trading system had made Native Americans to lose their identity in order to be depended on them by adapted their homes, losing their traditional pottery designs, and changing their
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