European Migration To The Americas: Positive Effects On Native Population

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Europeans that migrated to the Americas had few positive effects on native populations. The Indians' contact with settlers led to their death from diseases and warfare. These negative consequences were more effective than the Europeans' good intentions, which included wanting to Christianize and educate the Native Americans. According to, researchers estimate that the native population in America decreased by nearly 50% with disease only, beginning with the natives' first contact with European explorers in the 16th century. Most Native Americans were exposed to new diseases which their bodies and immune systems couldn’t fight. This wiped out most of the…show more content…
European settlers in North America did not understand the natives' concept of caring for hunting and fishing lands. To the Europeans, land that wasn't use for crops and food was land wasted. To the natives, even land they sold was still theirs to hunt and fish in. This led to many conflicts because of land and resources. In addition, settlers often let their livestock walk around freely. The livestock damaged the land and changed the way almost everything grew in. This endangered the animals and lowered the Indians' food supply. War between the natives and European settlers began quickly after the arrival of the first colonists and lasted for nearly 300 years. The wars were because of many reasons, one of them being land and the other, resources. Of course there was also the idea to convert all natives into Christianity. By the late 1800s, the population of natives was around 250,000. These numbers were found at It was thought to be 10% of the population that died from war, torture and for not being able to adapt to the new environments they were thrown in. The Indians were also sold as slaves. Then of course, religious
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