European Union Disadvantages

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GCIB Program: Introduction to UK Graduate Study Module Code: HUMS 3007 Assignment 1: Essay Referencing to European Union, current situation and advantages and disadvantages of being a member of European Union. Module Tutor: Omeed Aminian Student Number: Submission Date: 21/11/2016 Word Count: (Excluding references and cover page) European Union (EU) is one of the greatest organizations of 28 countries which are established in November 1st 1993. At that time there was only two countries Maastricht and The Netherlands. The European Union is formed with the purpose of ending the frequent and great bloody wars between neighboring countries after Second World War. The main purposes of the European Union are to promote or explore greater social, political and economic harmony among the countries of Western Europe especially the countries which are mostly affected by the Second World War. Euroscepticism (also known as EU-Spepticism or anti-Euism) is criticism of and strong opposition to the European Union. The main source of Euroscepticism has been the notion that integration weakness the nation state and a desire to slow, on the other hand, Eurosceptic include perceptions of a democratic deficit in European Union a belief that it is too bureaucratic. Euro skepticism seems to have increased the last few years which leads the EU member towards the conflict to each other. Recently, in 2016, the United Kingdom left the EU and now twenty –seven countries are members of the
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