Europium Reflection

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3.2.3. Influence of different diluent
The effect of diluents on extraction of Eu (III) with O: A=1 and extractant : diluent = 0.3 : 1, was investigated using some different aromatic and aliphatic diluents, such as methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), toluene, chloroform, kerosene, white spirt and o-xylene. The obtained results in Fig. 5 show that europium extraction was maximum using chloroform, toluene and o-xylene, as diluent. The sequence takes the following order of chloroform > xylene ≥ toluene > whit spirt > kerosene > MIBK. It is attributed to the dipole moment (µ) and dielectric constant properties of diluents as demonstrated at Table 1. The dipole moment is indicated to the polarity properties. It is means that the high dipole moment is
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10-11. These Figures show that the SF increases by decreasing the acid concentration. It is predicted that the optimum conditions for maximum separation of Eu(III) from Sr(II) by polyglycerol phthalate is carried out from 3M nitric acid solution. The extraction and separation of Eu and Sr with polyglycerol phthalate is acidity dependent. The variation of cations concentration study was carried out in the range 5 – 100 mg/L and the separation was more feasible in presence of Ca2+. The separation factor has a maximum value SF = 59 and 45 in case of 50mg/L Ca+2 and 3M nitric acid,…show more content…
A mixed of 50 mg/L of each Eu3+ and Sr2+ have been extracted using polyglycerol phthalate from 3M (HCl and HNO3) acid solutions and 5mg/L cations (Na+ and Ca2+). A comparison between E % of Eu3+ and Sr2+ from individual and mixed solution are listed in Table 2. The experimental results obtained revealed that a separation between two ions from the acids and interfering cations solutions is achieved but in a less extent than that predicated previously in Figs. 10-11. This trend may be related to the interference caused by the existence of the two metals in the same simulated solution which affect the extraction equilibrium and consequently the value of SF (Eu/Sr). Besides, the decrease in the separation factor was due to the co-extraction of

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