Eurydice's Suicide In Antigone

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Finally, Creon comes to the realization that his actions in the play led to the death of his son before he learns of Eurydice’s suicide. Creon first learns of his wife’s death in line 1408 of episode 5, when the messenger comments on his grief, mentioning “the rest, in the house”, the “rest” being the deceased Eurydice. However, before this point, in line 1393, Creon describes his prior actions, such as the sentencing of Antigone, as “crimes” that are “so senseless, so insane”. He describes them as such because they led to his son’s death, but he came to this realization before he learned of Eurydice’s suicide. Therefore, her death did not contribute to Creon’s epiphany in any way, and is irrelevant in this

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