Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

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Euthanasia: “Euthanasia is simply to be able to die with dignity at a moment when life is devoid of it.” Marya Mannes. Freedom is a very amiable word with a broad domain. It soothes our ears and consoles us that we are free to do whatever we want. But are we really free? The fear of being judged in this society and the fear of breaking some rule buried deep down is always present at the back of our minds. Freedom states complete independence, but our society has trimmed its ends. Which, agreed, is necessary to live peacefully. A thing like cannibalism isn’t acceptable and here freedom to do anything must be curbed. But is the extent of cutting off freedom going too far? Have we taken away the choice from people of living? Is Right to die inherent in the Right to live?…show more content…
Looking at the future, the predictions made about our fate and the already started disgruntled wars, improving the quality of life seems to be less important than to have methods of painless deaths and negligible suffering. At such point, discussing about euthanasia seems to be critical. In India, the debate on euthanasia took form in 2011 following the Aruna Shanbaug’s case. Aruna Shanbaug: She was a nurse working in the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. On the eve of 27th November, 1973, she was raped by a sweeper of the hospital. To immobilize her during this, he wrapped a dog chain around her neck. When she was found the next day, it was revealed that due to lack of oxygen to her brains, she incurred a brain damage. She went into a complete vegetable state. She could not move or perform any kind of activity. In December 2010, a friend of Aruna, Pinki Virani filed a mercy killing petition in the Supreme Court. The court did not grant the plea. But, in a rare case, they allowed passive euthanasia for Miss Shanbaug. Aruna Shanbaug died after 42 years of being in a vegetable state after suffering from

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