Euthanasia In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Michael Seider Of Mice and Men Essay
1/10/18 Per.11 Of Mice and Men Argumentative Essay In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck there is an example of euthanasia with Lennie and George as George kills Lennie at the end of the story. In the story George and Lennie are companions that go along with each working on ranches and that is very uncommon for people like them.Euthanasia is when someone decides they no longer want to live or someone else has to make the decision to end a person 's life if that person can 't make the decision on their own. When someone takes their own life that is voluntary euthanasia but when people are unable to make decisions and another person kills them it is called non voluntary euthanasia. Over history many people have been debating whether euthanasia should be allowed or not but some people are saying voluntary euthanasia is okay.After Lennie accidentally killed Curley 's Wife Curly and the other ranch men were very angry and were going to make Lennie 's death very bad. When George realized this he killed Lennie peacefully before the ranchmen could hurt him.George was justified in killing Lennie because if he wouldn 't have Curly and the other ranch men would have made Lennie 's death very painful while George killed Lennie nice and peacefully without pain.
In the book Of Mice and Men there is an example of euthanasia, when
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