The Role Of Euthanasia In The Film Me Before You

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Euthanasia is a topic that has been debated for years by philosophers. There are different view-points about when, or if, euthanasia is morally acceptable. Not many people would say they are against all forms of euthanasia, but people do often argue about the point that a person’s health must decline to in order for euthanasia to be morally permissible. The movie Me Before You raises some interesting questions about the morality of euthanasia and the way that individuals should deal with another person who wants to me euthanized. There are many forms of euthanasia. In this essay I will be talking about active euthanasia which means another person’s actions cause the death of the one being euthanized. Me Before You is about a man from a wealthy family who is living a good life. He is one of the managers at a successful company, he goes on many adventures with his friends living an active lifestyle, and he has a beautiful girlfriend that he is in love with and plans to marry. He goes out one rainy morning and while he is trying to cross the street he gets hit by a person riding a…show more content…
Continuing on from the utilitarian point of view, there is still more utility found if he sticks around. Rather than just looking at the utility of one person, you need to look at the utility of many people. All of the other characters in the movie want him to live. While being euthanized might relieve some pain and suffering from one person, it would add a lot of pain and suffering to others. His parents and his care taker would suffer from the loss of him. He is also an educated man who has ran a portion of a big company. There is nothing wrong with his mind. He could get a job and continue to contribute to society. He is still able to experience good, and he is still able to bring about good. Because of this I think that the utilitarian view would require him to continue

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