Society Embraced Euthanasia

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The Society That Has Embraced Euthanasia In the last three decades euthanasia has become one of the main issues, and the most discussed issue in Dutch public life, politics, and national conscience. There are still people who criticize euthanasia, who refuse to do it; these are wicked, cruel people who open the door to people and institutions doing the reverse of their calling raise nobody's eyebrows, it has become the norm. Indeed, the practice of euthanasia has perceptibly affected the position of the individual in relation to society, society's very nature and purpose, law, government, judicial system, the practice of medicine, family, the expectations of older people, and the prospects of newborn citizens. Some older people, out of fear…show more content…
Many debates have taken place in the title of euthanasia because of the degree of impact it has in many aspects of human lives. Euthanasia is basically the act of killing a patient in hopeless condition who is suffering from either a chronic or a painful disease or a permanent coma. "Killing the patient, as Quebec now proposes to do, is the final act in a long story of neglect. It is the ultimate admission of defeat. We should have the courage to question our whole social project and remake it, rather than take this final step into darkness" Euthanasia is not harming the human race; it is helping the human race instead. If we just look at the case from different angles, we would probably see how beneficial it is, in this traumatic life. Perhaps life might seem to be hard for us sometimes but there are people out there who really are suffering and desperately need to die. It is the latter prohibitive form that condemns active euthanasia" Although the opponents' statement might be right but in some critical cases, it is does not work. Euthanasia is giving people the rest that they desperately need. Opponents also claim "Alternative treatments are available, such as palliative care and hospices. We do not have to kill the patient to kill the symptoms, nearly all pain can be relieved". They can take palliative but until when? All those patients are just experiencing pain and stress, once cancer gets in a person. Opponents finally claim, "We could never truly control euthanasia. Reports from the Netherlands, where euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are legal, reveal that doctors do not always report it". Of course we can control it, as long as we follow up with the patient's situation. In many cases that require euthanasia, the patient's situation is always obvious. Here the patient or his/her family must make the decision. Perhaps, some doctors took random
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